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Tds Ofdm




1, C. Pan et al: Tds-Ofdm Based HDTV Transmission over Fast Fading Channels 17 Without sacrificing the spectral efficiency merit of Tds-OFDM, this paper provides a new perspective on the Tds-
【翻译】C. Pan等人:基于TDS-OFDM的快速衰落信道下的HDTV传输17在不牺牲TDS-OFDM的频谱效率优势的情况下,本文提供了一个关于TDS-

2, How is Time Domain Synchronous - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing abbreviated? Tds-Ofdm stands for Time Domain Synchronous - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing.
【翻译】时域同步 - 正交频分复用如何缩写? TDS-OFDM代表时域同步 - 正交频分复用。

3, the frequency domain, unlike Tds-Ofdm where all active subcarriers are used to carry the useful data [18], TFT-Ofdm has N d data subcarriers and N group
【翻译】频域,不同于TDS-OFDM,其中所有有效副载波用于承载有用数据[18],TFT-OFDM具有N d个数据副载波和N组

4, An LDPC based Tds-Ofdm receiver for demodulating an LDPC encoded Tds-Ofdm modulated RF signal downconverted to an IF signal includes a synchronization block, an equalization block, an Ofdm demodulation block and a FEC decoder block.

5, arXiv:1212.2343v1 [cs.IT] 11 Dec 2012 Improved Channel Estimation Methods based on PN sequence for Tds-Ofdm Ming Liu, Matthieu Crussie`re, Jean-Franc¸ois He´lard
【翻译】arXiv:1212.2343v1 [cs.IT] 11 Dec 2012改进的基于PN序列的TDS-OFDM信道估计方法刘明,Matthieu Crussie`re,Jean-FrancôoisHe'lard

6, arXiv:1604.05053v2 [cs.IT] 23 Apr 2016 Frequency-Domain Response Based Timing Synchronization: A Near Optimal Sampling Phase Criterion for Tds-OFDM
【翻译】arXiv:1604.05053v2 [cs.IT] 2016年4月23日基于频域响应的定时同步:TDS-OFDM的最佳采样相位准则