"South" 的中文翻译,定义和例句




n.南,南方,南部 a.南方的,南部的


1, That one of the four cardinal points directly opposite to the north; the region or direction to the right or direction to the right of a person who faces the east.

2, A country, region, or place situated farther to the south than another; the southern section of a country.

3, Specifically: That part of the United States which is south of Mason and Dixon's line. See under Line.

4, The wind from the south.




1, Genetic relationships were studied among 23 isolates of Sphaeropsis sapinea collected from China, the United States, England, South Africa and Chile by using a random amplification of a polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analytical method.
【翻译】通过随机扩增多态性DNA(RAPD)分析方法,从中国,美国,英国,南非和智利收集到23个分离的Sphaeropsis sapinea菌株,对其遗传关系进行了研究。

2, Altitudinal patterns of the flora of seed plants of Dawei Mountain in Yunnan Province, South China

3, Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), a type of subtropical fast-growing conifer tree, is widely distributed in South China.
【翻译】杉木(Cunninghamia lanceolata)是一种亚热带快速生长针叶树,广泛分布于华南地区。

4, Results also showed that sap flow velocity of the South was the highest, and that of the west was next.

5, The genus has three modern distribution centers: South Europe, North America and East Asia.