"Mgso 4" 的中文翻译,定义和例句


Mgso 4




1, NaCl (0.2 M), MgCl2 and Mgso4 (0.01 M) activate all three enzymes more than twofold.
【翻译】NaCl(0.2M),MgCl 2和MgSO 4(0.01M)激活所有三种酶超过两倍。

2, Extraction of phenol and cresols with hydrophilic solvents (acetone, acetoacetic ester, and diacetone alcohol) from aqueous-salt solutions [MgSO4, (NH4)2SO4, NaCl] was studied.
【翻译】研究了从含水盐溶液[MgSO 4,(NH 4)2 SO 4,NaCl]中用亲水溶剂(丙酮,乙酰乙酸酯和双丙酮醇)萃取苯酚和甲酚。

3, The frequency of the transposition increases when Mgso4 and nicotinic acid are present the culture medium.

4, Heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of epsomite Mgso4 · 7 H2O at 0-303 K

5, Phase equilibria in the Na,K,Mg,Ca‖SO4,Cl-H2O system at 25°C in the Mgso4 · 5H2O and Mgso4 · 4H2O crystallization region