"D Galactosidase" 的中文翻译,定义和例句


D Galactosidase




1, The very low activity of β-D-Galactosidase in the DBA/2 mice is discusseD in relation to the ganglioside patterns known to be present in these seizure-susceptible mice.
【翻译】讨论DBA / 2小鼠中β-D-半乳糖苷酶的活性非常低,这与已知存在于这些癫痫易感小鼠中的神经节苷脂模式有关。

2, Two significant observations were made-β-D-glucuronidase was low in the regions of the C3H/He strain, anD β-D-Galactosidase was particularly low in the regions of the DBA/2 strain.
【翻译】进行了两项显着的观察 - 在C3H / He菌株的区域中β-D-葡糖醛酸糖苷酶是低的,并且DBA / 2菌株的区域中的β-D-半乳糖苷酶特别低。

3, The developmental profiles of four glycosidase enzymes (β-D-glucosidase, β-D-glucuronidase, β-D-N-acetylglucosaminidase anD β-D-galactosidase) in the cochleas, cochlear nuclei anD inferior colliculi of four strains of mice were investigated.

4, In contrast, other aciD hydrolases such as β-D-Galactosidase anD ν-D-glucuronidase haD specific activities of respectively 26 anD 182 times lower than the glucosaminidase.

5, In the first case, commercially available β-D-Galactosidase from Escherichia coli was useD as a catalyst to transfer galactose from β-lactose to oligosaccharides.

6, A new cold-adapteD β-D-Galactosidase from the Antarctic Arthrobacter sp. 32c – gene cloning, overexpression, purification anD properties
【翻译】来自南极节杆菌的一种新的冷适应型β-D-半乳糖苷酶。 32c - 基因克隆,过表达,纯化和性质

7, A novel cold-active β-d-Galactosidase with transglycosylation activity from the Antarctic Arthrobacter sp. 32cB – Gene cloning, purification anD characterization
【翻译】一种新的具有转糖基活性的冷激活β-D-半乳糖苷酶来自南极节杆菌。 32cB - 基因克隆,纯化和表征